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My work is built on 25+ years of experience working with leaders to grow their businesses and deliver results. . .by helping them make the right choices about strategy and organization, and the right moves to effect top management teamwork, organizational engagement, and personal leadership impact.


CEOs and senior business leaders face complex leadership challenges, heightened by today’s tough business climate. They must:

  • Get the top management team playing like champions—whether they’re As, Bs or (Cs), and especially if they’re all ‘stars’
  • Get better traction from the top team with the organization at large — so everyone is fully engaged in delivering on the strategy
  • Help B players become A players—before today’s tougher challenges turn them into C players
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently with the board and investors—and create more value from board relationships


Past engagements have addressed a broad range of leadership challenges, including:

  • The strategy is clear, but implementation by key leaders is stalled or stalling
  • The strategy has been defined, but key leaders can’t articulate it succinctly nor say how the company is going to win
  • The organization structure is built around current personalities more than for successful strategy execution — around ‘what you’ve got vs what you need’
  • Meetings of the top management team produce ‘more heat than light;’ members can’t say afterwards ‘that was a good use of my time’
  • Senior management are not all high performers, and overall team performance is suffering
  • Leadership talent is not consistently improving in quality year over year
  • The organization is moving too slowly to capitalize on competitive windows of opportunity
  • Board meetings leave too many participants unsatisfied— conversations get into too much detail (or not enough); there’s not enough candor (or too much)

New advisory relationships invariably start with a specific project we devise together, based on the primary challenges facing leadership, whether it is one of the above or something else . . . then firmly establish a habit of impact . . .and include a ‘leadership game plan’ for extending the impact going forward.